The Food of Love

Released on 1st September 2016, my new solo recording ‘The Food of Love’ is a programme of music written for love, lust and devotion, consisting of a variety of instrumental and vocal works from 16th and 17th century Europe.

Following on from my first CD ‘Songs Without Words’, this recording explores further the possibilities of using the baroque trombone in various contexts spported by a world class group of instrumentalists, and featuring world-famous tenor, Charles Daniels.

Adam Woolf – trombone
Charles Daniels – tenor
Romina Lischka – gamba
Kathryn Cok – organ & harpsichord
Nicolas Achten – theorbo
Lies Wyers – lyrone
Sarah Ridy – harp
Miguel Tantos Sevillano – trombone
Wim Becu – trombone

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The Food of Love can be downloaded using this link:

Track List
[1] Claudio Monteverdi: Zefiro
[2] Maurizio Cazzati: Alma Redemptoris Mater
[3] Salmone Rossi: Sonata in Dialogo à 2 Detta la Viena
[4] Francisco Guerrero: O Virgen
[5] anon: O Maria
[6] Tarquino Merula: Nigra Sum à 2
[7] Orlando di Lasso: Susanne un jour – divisions by Adam Woolf
Andrea Falconieri
[8] Filli Cara et Amata
[9] Bella Fanciulla
[10] La Suave Melodia
[11] Bella Porta di Rubini
[12] Caccini: Amor, io parto
[13] Kempis: Symphonia 6
[14] Monteverdi: Si dolce e’l tormento
[15] John Dowland: I saw my lady weep – divisions by Adam Woolf
[16] Samuel Scheidt: Pavan Dolorosa
[17] Riccio: Currebant duo
[18] Giovanni Battista Grillo: Anima mea à 4