Songs Without Words

Recorded in 2009 and released in 2010, Songs Without Words is my first solo recording. It is also the first ever commercial recording to solely focus on the sackbut as a solo instrument in 16th & 17th century repertoire.

The repertoire includes instrumental and vocal music, featuring my own ornamented versions/divisions and improvisations on 16th century classics .

I had the pleasure of being joined by a crack-continuo team of Kathryn Cok – harpsichord/organ, Siobhán Armstrong – harp, Eligio Luis Quinterio – theorbo and Nicholas Milne – viola da gamba.


And available for immediate download via this link:


1. Laureate Dominum – Monteverdi

2. Santa Seconda – Castello

3. Doulce Memoire – Sandrin/Woolf

4. Sonata Sesta – Fontana

5. Cannon Quarta – Frescobaldi

6. Three Recercadas – Ortiz/Woolf

7. Canzon Terza – Frescobaldi

8. Anchor che col partire – De Rore/Woolf

9. O Jesu, nomen dulce – Schütz

10. Canzon ‘detta La Superba’ – Frescobaldi

11. Liquide Perle Amor – Marenzio/Bassano

12. Pavane Lacrhymae – Van Eyck

13. Se’ l’aura spira tutta vezzosa – Frescobaldi