Songs Without Words

songs-without-words-cd-coverRecorded in 2009 and released in 2010, Songs Without Words is my first solo recording. It is also the first ever commercial recording to solely focus on the sackbut as a solo instrument in 16th & 17th century repertoire.

The repertoire includes instrumental and vocal music, featuring my own ornamented versions/divisions and improvisations on 16th century classics .

I had the pleasure of being joined by a crack-continuo team of Kathryn Cok – harpsichord/organ, Siobhán Armstrong – harp, Eligio Luis Quinterio – theorbo and Nicholas Milne – viola da gamba.

And available for immediate download via this link:

1. Laureate Dominum – Monteverdi

2. Santa Seconda – Castello

3. Doulce Memoire – Sandrin/Woolf

4. Sonata Sesta – Fontana

5. Cannon Quarta – Frescobaldi

6. Three Recercadas – Ortiz/Woolf

7. Canzon Terza – Frescobaldi

8. Anchor che col partire – De Rore/Woolf

9. O Jesu, nomen dulce – Schütz

10. Canzon ‘detta La Superba’ – Frescobaldi

11. Liquide Perle Amor – Marenzio/Bassano

12. Pavane Lacrhymae – Van Eyck

13. Se’ l’aura spira tutta vezzosa – Frescobaldi