Teaching forms a significant part of my career alongside playing. As professor of Baroque Trombone and Historical Performance at the Royal Academy of Music in London and the Utrecht Conservatoire in the Netherlands, I teach one-to-one lessons and coach ensembles on a regular basis. Through these and other institutions, I have directed large scale projects involving instrumentalists and singers from all over the world and I find myself collaborating on a regular basis with othesituations educational institutions.
Workshops | Ensemble Coaching | Individual Tuition


July 10-14: Mechelen, Belgium: Osiris Summer Academy

July 27-29: Castelo Novo, Portugal contact me for more details.

September 8-10: Lisbon, Portugal contact me for more details.


Adam was so easy to work with arranging the course and as a tutor I thought he was just fantastic, with his gentle but extremely exacting way of pulling the very best out from each of us both as individuals and also as a coherent group.

Having taught on various international early music courses in places including Israel, Germany, Belgium and Sweden and co-founded the Newark Early Music Course, as well as on occassions being invited to teach sackbut as a visiting professor at music conservatoires around the UK, Ihave recently found myself with a following of interested, enthusiastic students of all levels. We meet a few times a year for individual lessons, ensemble playing, workshops and a chance to share our enthusiasm for the sackbut and it’s fantastically wide repertoire. So far, the meetings have all taken place in London as this has been the most convenient but, not being affiliated to any particular institution, our venue for these sessions is a moveable feast and depends entirely on the number of students and our combined abilities to book/rent/borrow appropriate space! These sessions offer something for anybody who is keen to learn a bit more about sackbut playing – regardless of playing level or experience, and we’re always keen to meet new people! Please contact me if you would like more information.