DIEM Academy

Starting in January 2019, and directed by Adam Woolf, the DIEM Academy is a place for sackbut players, or indeed players of other renaissance/early baroque instruments from around the globe to meet, exchange ideas, inspire and become inspired. Monthly weekend-meetings in San Sebastián provide the chance to work on various aspects of performance in a focused and open learning environment. Theory is put into practice with a combination of individual tuition and ensemble playing. Players of other 16th and 17th century instruments are also welcome to apply, remembering that the musical aims, skills, and of course, much of the repertoire of the Renaissance/Early Baroque periods were shared among good musicians of the time!

Typically, students enrol for a course of three or six weekends at a time. Each weekend they receive two individual lessons as well as coached sackbut ensemble sessions. The participation of other musicians (continuo, cornettos, strings, singers) is encouraged on the third of each three weekends to allow for more extended ensemble playing.

As well as sackbut technique, a variety of musical and general performance skills will be taught, including, different pitches (a=465, 415, 430), facsimile reading and ornamentation. The monthly sessions allow time to work on new ideas and hone existing skills in between.

Lessons are held in an ‘open’ class style, with all participants encouraged to be present for all lessons. In this way, we can learn more about what we do through others’ learning and we have the opportunity to create spontaneous ensembles, work together on certain aspects of playing and share our learning. Lessons will be given in English.

DIEM Academy is for:
• Individual players looking to develop their skills, knowledge and experience through regular coaching while leaving time to continue building their careers and without the obligations of an institution but with the advantages of ensemble playing, meeting colleagues etc.

• Trombone classes from institutions where there is no specialist teacher.

• Conservatoire students looking to augment their learning in a way that complimentstheir college study.

Dates: 2019
In order to best work alongside institutions where students may have weekly obligations, DIEM meetings are organised on weekends, throughout the academic year. But we also recognise the fact that keeping in line with the regular academic year can be limiting with regards to application times. Therefore students may apply at at time during the course, signing up for six weekends immediately, or three at a time.

The first six meetings will be:
January 26-27
February 23-24
March 30-31
April 27-28
May 25-26
June 8-9


The cost for booking 3 weekends (6 individual lessons within a total of 36 hours of tuition) will be €500. Booking for 6 weekends (12 individual lessons within 72 tuition hours) comes to €900.

Timeshare deal! : if you would like to attend and feel that less individual time would be fine, why not sign up together with a friend/colleague and share the individual lesson time? Or come as a duo? You both still get to participate in the ensembles and of course observe other lessons.

For more information, please contact us