BACH Together

An online recording project open to everybody who wants to take part and share a slice of remote music-making.
Last Updated: April 18th, 1900(CET) - Version: 25

There are currently lots of musicians around the world unable to perform together due to cancelled concerts and/or travel restrictions. This experiment aims to bring together the sounds of many, so that we can share and enjoy the results.

If you press the 'Play' button at the top of this page you will hear a recording of a Bach choral, taken from the Matthew Passion. To start with we just have 2 parts recorded(!), but the aim of this project is to build it up using recordings (see below) from musicians across all over the globe.

The best bit is - It's all for FUN!
All you need is a mobile phone and email!
  1. Choose a voice to sing or play.
  2. Play/sing along with the previously-recorded track (using headphones if possible), and record your performance on your phone.
  3. Email the results from your phone to Adam Woolf at

I will then add your performance to the recording and update the audio track above.

Pitch: A=440 (to try to make this as inclusive as possible).

It could be nice to list contributors and their locations, but you are free to contrbute anonymously. Just let me know and I'll list you as 'anon.'!

Feel free to send any humorous out-takes, as well! To share your experience! :)

As featured by the European Early Music Network Early Music Day 2020
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In order of contributions made...

Lubica Habart (violin)
Carly Wingfield (voice) USA
Brianna Galligan (voice) USA
Ondřej Dobisík (recorder) Czech Republic
Jackie B. (mandolin) London
Jonathan Werk (oboe) Canada
Giorgio Dini (treble gamba) Italy
Antonia Harper (voice) UK
Andrea Umhauer (flute) Innbruck, Austria
Rebekka Kant (voice) Germany
Stephanie Piatak (voice) Germany
Pippa Goss (voice) UK
Sibo Van Gool (trumpet) Belgium
Marie Lemaire (voice) Belgium
Anneke Scott (corno da tirarsi) UK
Nicholas Champness (trombone) UK
Carol Whinnom (voice) UK
Gabrielle (voice) France
Daisy (voice)
Tjorborn Hultmark (soprano trombone) UK
Anna Damstra (voice) Netherlands
Richard Blake (trumpet) UK
Clare Cunningham (voice) UK
Rachel Rowntree (violin) France
Diego Alonso (violin) Canada
Elodie Savan (cornet) UK
Laura Young (cornet) UK
Greta Brownridge (Eb cornet) UK
Stuart Croft (cornet) UK
Judith Hayes (voice) UK
Katlijn Demuynck (voice) The Netherlands
Emma Edgar (voice) UK
Robert Vanryne (cornet) UK
Jenny Walsh (cornetto) UK
Emilio Merone (piano) UK
Lieve Timmermans (voice) Belgium
Nannette Van Den Reydt (recorder) The Netherlands
Marianne Ouwehand (pan flute) The Netherlands
Janet Woolf (voice) UK

Mau Ziemkiewicz (viola) Basque Country
An-Fu Reuß (voice) Germany
Anna Klungre (voice) Norway
Victoria Walker (voice) Switzerland
Helen Roberts (cornetto) UK
Helena Romão (voice) Portugal
Jos Collin (voice) Belgium
Erika D'Huyvetter (nyckelharpa) Belgium
Jennie Cassidy (voice) UK
David Yacus (trombone) Germany
Georgia Orwell (serpent) UK
Hilde De Winter (voice)
Caroline Jeannotte (viola) Canada
Patricia PE Janssen (voice) Belgium
Amy Swallow (flugelhorn) UK
Hildegard Van Oevelen (voice) Belgium
Willie Damstra (voice) The Netherlands
Guy Morley (Bb cornet) UK
Helene Barre (viola) France
Joanna Huszcza (violin) Poland
Stephen Blythe (tenor horn) UK
Victoria Cassano (voice) Spain
Amber Croft (cornet) UK
Judith Hayes (voice) UK
Megumi Azuma (voice) Japan
John McQuilkin (flugelhorn) USA
Caty (flugelhorn) UK
Liz Lane (voice) UK
Kate Edgar (voice) UK
Hilde Vandekerckhove (voice) Belgium
Amelia Robertson (piano) UK
Elsa Bunk (recorder) The Netherlands
Rafaella De Falco (violin) Italy

Adam Woolf (trombone) Basque Country
Guillermo Julián Herdt (voice) Argentina
Claudio Monteverdi (voice)
Jeff Miller (serpent) UK
Jos Collin (voice) Belgium
Jennie Cassidy (trombone) UK
Jeffrey Ieong (voice) Netherlands
Miquel Cordona (cello) Earth
Martyn Sanderson (baritone) UK
Wim de Vos (voice) Belgium
Jens Pankoke (trombone) Germany
Eugenio Fresco (electric guitar) Basque Country
Steffen Thole (voice) Germany
Bodie Pfost (trombone) USA
Jamie Savan (tenor cornetto) UK
Cédric Muller (horn) France
Rui Oliveira (voice) Portugal
Emily White (trombone) UK
Anna Cottle (euphonium) UK
Christian Schmitt (voice) Switzerland
Judith Hayes (voice) UK
Andrew King (euphonium) UK
April Legatt (baritone) USA
Rachel Raval (cello) UK

Katie Stephens (cello) Italy
Fabio Decataldo (trombone) Italy
Ondřej Dobisík (recorder) Czech Republic
Dacio Biavati (voice) Italy
Edoardo Bombace (double bass)
Giovanni Gabrieli (voice)
Frank Liebscher (baritone sax) Leipzig, Germany
Lucy Robertson (bassoon) UK
Jeffrey K Miller (serpent) UK
Yuval Atlas (bass) Germany
Michael Gernert (bass) Germany
Andrea Piergentili (trombone) Italy
Sami Sharif (trombone) Germany
Bert Timmermans (voice) Belgium
Nigel Braithwaite (Wagner tuba) UK
Simon Wallfisch (voice) UK
Jakob Eberlein (voice) Germany
Bodie Pfost (trombone) USA
Julien Barre (cello) France
Hans-Jörg Simon (Bb tuba) Austria
Sebastian Schleussner (bassoon) Sweden
Natasha Kraemer (cello) Australia
Judith Hayes (voice) UK
Abby Brook (clarinet) UK
Jonathan Shaw (contrabass saxophone) UK
Jinny Jeffrey (bass dulcian) UK

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