Reversing Remote Roles…

Ok. Alliteration, – you love it, or hate it, but it just sort of came out that way… After reading this post about the promotion of remote-working in order to stop the spread/contraction of the Corona Virus, I thought I’d blog a bit about how my own career is changing for the better.

Remote for whom?

For about 20 years I have travelled as a musician, playing concerts all over the globe. It’s been fun – and continues to be so. Certainly no office-fatigue or monotonous schedules to put up with! The change of place almost every week has kept things interesting. There is a pool of musicians/colleagues within which we tend to work, it’s nice to be surrounded by people who share a common interest and more importantly, a common lifestyle. But, when that stops, it’s hard to keep in touch and maintain the feeling of being so connected. Likewise, with family, and friends outside the music world it can be very tough. We don’t need to talk about that now, but it made me consider the term ‘remote’, to the point that I realised I’ve probably spent 20 years working remotely, but the wrong way round.


They say that freelancing offers the chance to be in control. To work the way one wants. ‘I like to be my own boss’ is a comment frequently heard. However, how much of that was really true in this context? I was remote from my family. Living at work. As a musician, it’s tough because we have to basically go where the work is and we have to do that at a time dictated by the festival/venue/orchestra schedule. There’s no option to say ‘sorry, I can’t make it on Saturday, but I’ll come and do it first thing Monday’. In the end, even though the choice is there, so few of us feel we have the ability or freedom to make it.

Back in charge

That’s why I started – my freelance website design and development business. Of course, I can do that while I’m touring with the orchestra or travelling to teach, but I can also choose to do it at home! This has encouraged me to start looking into ways to continue musical activites by teaching/giving consultations via Skype as well. I work in a creative and stimulating industry which is fast paced and changing/evolving constantly. And I feel able to keep up! I have contact with clients worldwide and love the challenges that each one brings.

Where am I now?

We will see how things go, but so far my travel time and fatigue is less, meaning when I work I feel more efficient and able to produce a higher standard.

Less travel time also means fewer over-priced and under-prepared meals. Less time sitting in confined spaces (planes, trains, etc) with people sharing their colds and illnesses. And I really do feel more healthy in every way.

Just as I never could’ve predicted this change in my life, I am sure that there’s something around the corner equally unpredictable. But, you only get one go at living life. So try to enjoy the ride.



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