Well, here we are. First Blog. Ever. Will anyone read this? No idea. Why do it? Well, maybe in reaction to current political news. Maybe just a place to escape and share some thoughts. And maybe just to escape from the noise of the social media ‘echo chamber’ effect (why, oh why do we feel the need to constantly remind like-minded people how great we are, when they know that anyway – and how the word ‘friend’ no longer seems to mean what it once did). It gets tiring. Ok, so perhaps that’s my problem in the way I deal with it. Maybe I shouldn’t take it so seriously at times and remember that social media is really just a big toy – like a sort of digital ball of wool, which we, as the unknowing kittens all chase, but I know I’m not alone here. The constant comparisons social media provokes (consciously and subconsciously) along with formed opinions based upon internet-generated ‘news’ and algorithms vomiting up the things and people you ‘should’ or ‘might’ like. Ok – it’s not all bad. There’s no doubt that it’s good to be connected, – I’m still reachable through things link Facebook and Twitter – and some interesting news, funny jokes etc. have crossed my path that way, – and I have, and continue to use social media to advertise my work – but at the end of the day, it can feel like being locked in a room at a party, playing party games dreamt up by a silicon mind.

Everyone has an opinion, and I very much hope that some people will comment on this post. But that’s the thing: it’s here for anyone to read and comment on – and not just a select group which I have decided is allowed to read it and therefore will probably agree on it. It invites outside input from total strangers, if they want.

So, I have decided to quit absorbing social media. Instead I will walk in the park, listen to some music, draw a picture, try some yoga (‘try’ because, as long as I’m aware that my various poses are not as well executed as those of others, I find it impossible to admit to myself that I can ‘do’ it.) – or just sit and think about the people I love. I will read the news, and form opinions without feeling the need to share them, or comment on those of others. I will still eat nice food, travel to nice places and enjoy the good things in life without feeling the need to tell everybody. As an introvert (all beit socially at times) it is tiring to be surrounded by people all the time. I need to recharge my social batteries. Spend time with myself, to reassure myself that I am someone with whom I want to spend time. This isn’t a selfish move – but I have come to realise (late in life) that the less you like yourself, the harder it is to be there for others. The times I feel better about myself, are the times which I am a better friend, dad & colleague. But it’s hard to find inner peace when there’s so much noise outside leaking in.

Well, that’s it for now. We’ll see how this (the blog) goes. Feel free to jump in and leave a comment. Or just read, and leave in peace.

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