Welcome to adamwoolf.com - a gathering of information relating to the various aspects of my career as freelance trombone player and teacher including my ensembles, teaching, solo CD and sackbut tutor book.


As a performer I find myself working all over the world on many different projects with some of the most inspirational, enthusiastic and brilliant musicians around. This experience, together an infectious enthusiasm, forms the basis of my teaching career, which runs alongside my performing and involves courses, workshops and private lessons.



Later this year, I will be recording a new CD. Since the publication of my books Sackbut Solutions and Duo Seraphim, and release of my first solo CD Songs Without Words, I've been thrilled to see how much they have helped others to discover exciting repertoire, and find their musical voice on the sackbut. My next project The Food of Love will build nicely on this, uncovering yet more possibilities with the voice of the trombone in baroque music, and I'll be joined by world-renowned tenor, Charles Daniels. Below is a link to my Kickstarter campaign, through which, you can help support this project.